Signing in Public Spaces Committee (SPSC)

Charge: The SPSC is responsible for gathering feedback on communication concerns within the NTID community regarding communication practices in public spaces and for implementing constructive action plans based on feedback designed to address and advance NTID’s response to these concerns. (Refer to Strategic Decisions 2020, page 20, Communication, section 4.)

Specifically, the SPSC is expected to:

  • Interact with the community in a structured manner to determine the communication concerns of the NTID constituency.
  • Provide continual feedback to the President of NTID, the NAC (NTID Administrative
    Council) and the NTID community on ways that NTID can continue to promote (a) the practice of signing in public spaces by all faculty and staff members, and (b) the use of communication tools to optimize accessibility to information for deaf persons on campus.
  • Design and host 1-2 major activities per academic year relating to the communication concerns of the NTID community. These activities will be open to all members of the community and will be designed to advance NTID’s progress related to communication concerns.
  • Formulate ongoing plans to address the enhancement of communication efforts for review by the President of NTID and NAC.
  • [Appointed by the VP/Dean] [Formerly known as Communication Issues Committee
Committee Composition
Faculty/Staff Representative
Term Ending
1 At-Large Staff Jeanne Behm, Co-Chair
1 At-Large Staff Brenna Cialini - Secretary
1 At-Large Staff

 John Rushton

1 At-Large Staff

Susan Chapel

1 At-Large Staff Jenna Stein, Co-Chair
1 At-Large Staff Sharon Lott
1 At-Large Staff Rachel Green 
1 At-Large Faculty Academic Affairs Tao Eng
1 At-Large Faculty Academic Affairs Kelly Metz-Davis
1 At-Large Faculty Academic Affairs Kathleen Brady
1 At-Large Faculty Academic Affairs Mark Davis
1 At Large Student Representative
NTID NAC Liaison Mary Karol Matchett
NTID NAC Liaison Gary Behm