The purpose of a faculty leave for professional/career development is to encourage and assist an individual to become a more valuable member of the university by engaging in some form of advanced study, writing, research, or other creative activity. The full RIT policy is available here.

Of note: the application deadline for a faculty leave (sometimes referred to as a sabbatical) is Sept. 1 of the academic year PRIOR to the year for which the leave is requested.  Also,

F. Obligations for Further Service

Once the request for professional/career development leave has been approved, the provost will notify the recipient in writing of specific conditions of the leave. Specific information about salary and benefits during the leave will be sent to the recipient by the Department of Human Resources.

The recipient of a professional/career development leave is obligated to return to the university for a period of one academic year following the leave period. If this obligation is not met, the recipient must refund any payments received during the leave. The terms of repayment shall be specified in writing. Usually, repayment must be made within five years.