Committee for 2018-2019


The NTID Curriculum Committee (NCC) is generally responsible for ensuring that the principles as adopted by the faculty of NTID as basic to all curriculum actions are adhered to.  In particular, the NCC is required to review: course additions, course modifications, course deletions, new concept papers, program additions, program modifications and program discontinuances, and certificate additions and modifications. This is done in concert with each of the academic departments and the VP/Dean's Office from both a disciplinary and inter-disciplinary perspective. The NCC looks at curriculum development from a college-university wide perspective (anticipating the requirements of the Institute Curriculum Committee (ICC) and Graduate Council (GC) and New York State Education Department) and serves as a feasibility review panel for the VP/Dean. [Elected three-year term]

Committee CompositionFaculty/Staff RepresentativeOffice/EmailVoting Member?Term Ending
Group 1 – NTID Learning Consortium Linda Bryant LBJ-2483/lmbnca Yes 2020
Group 2 – Business Studies Michael Kane LBJ-2779/meknbt Yes 2019
Group 1 – ASLIE Jason Listman, Chair LBJ-3636/jdlnss Yes 2019
Group 1 – MSSE Sara Schley LBJ-1257 & Rosica 1140/sxsdor Yes 2019
Group 2 – Information and Computing Studies David Lawrence, GEC rep until 2019 LBJ-2340/delnet Yes 2021
Group 1 – Communication Studies and Services Linda Gottermeier LBJ-3123/lggnca Yes 2021
Group 2 – Business Studies Adriana Kulakowski LBJ-2774/acknbt Yes 2021
Group 2 – Engineering Studies Dino Laury LBJ-1275/djlnet Yes 2020
ICC Representative Sharron Webster LBJ-2275/smwsdo Yes 2020
VP/Dean's Appointment/SLT/NCE/Admissions Representative Alisha Joslyn-Swob/Admissions LBJ-1226/acjnca No 2019
Alternate-Group 2 Tom Simpson LBJ-2352/tesndp 2021
Alternate-Group 1 Kurt Stoskopf BOO-1520/kwsnda 2020
VP/Dean's Liaison Marianne Gustafson LBJ-2845/ msgncs No Permanent
VP/Dean's Support (Notetaker) Firoza Kavanagh LBJ-2850/fxknvd No Permanent