Mid-Course Feedback (MCF)

Departments at RIT can decide to participate in Mid-Semester Course Evaluation via the SRATE/SmartEvals system or use a Qualtrics Survey. 

Mid-Course Feedback (MCF) is a process initiated in response to students’ desire to see that their opinions are valued by teachers and can impact what happens in their courses. Students rarely have the opportunity to observe improvements that directly result from their end-of-term evaluations such as NTID’s SRATE/SmartEvals and the Services Rating System (SRS1:1). MCF is a strategy that can lead to more meaningful, mutually satisfying, and potentially higher end-of-term student ratings, while also impacting a course while it is still in progress.

Student feedback solicited several weeks into the semester can lead to mid-course corrections regarding communication, teaching strategies, materials, assignments, pace and rigor. Instructors have the opportunity to improve their teaching effectiveness and student satisfaction in a timely way.

Mid-Course Feedback is a private process conducted between teachers and students and is not intended to be shared with anyone else unless an instructor chooses to do so. MCF is facilitated by the SRS Advisory Group in NTID Academic Affairs but it is not a part of the student rating systems. Unlike the SRS, MCF is an informal evaluation process with no formal data collection or reporting.

  • See FAQ for information and timelines about the Mid-Course Feedback (MCF).
  • See Instructions for information about importing the MCF Qualtrics Survey into myCourses and accessing a Report of the results.
  • See MCF Survey Sample for a list of statements and comment boxes used in the MCF SRATE/SmartEvals survey and guidance in creating your own survey.
  • See Guidelines for how to share students’ feedback (survey results) with them and make plans for responding to concerns.
  • See Research to learn more about the importance and benefits of MCF. 
Mid-Course Feedback

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Student Ratings Advisory Group

  • Kim Kurz, Coordinator
  • Marianne Gustafson, Consultant
  • Karen Beiter
  • Ernest Roszkowski
  • Rich Dirmyer
  • Vicki Liggera
  • Jen Verbakel
  • Tom Weymann
  • Matthew Dye