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Mid-Course Feedback (MCF) is an initiative of NTID Academic Affairs to provide tools for classroom instructors to solicit useful feedback from their students mid-way through the term. The primary tool is an online survey administered to students. The SRATE MCF includes five Likert agreement-scale items, each paired with an optional comment box for students to explain their answers regarding these topics:

  • Communication between instructor and student
  • Communication among students
  • Materials
  • Difficulty level and pace
  • Homework and projects

Two comment boxes allow students to indicate what is “best” and “worst” about the course.

A Qualtrics Survey will also be made available to faculty, that contains additional questions and opportunities to comment. Qualtrics offers the opportunity for the survey to be customized based on a student's responses, by automatically skipping inapplicable sections or providing additional applicable questions based on a certain prior response by the student. 

MCF is optional, flexible and brief. Instructors can use the SRATE or Qualtrics survey, or they can create their own paper surveys using MCF questions on their own.


Mid-Course Feedback benefits both students and instructors.

Students gain because they feel they have some voice, some way to indicate a need for change before it’s too late. Many students indicated in a 2009 attitudes survey about the former course evaluations that they didn’t feel their ratings made any difference for themselves, and they couldn't see any changes over time across the term.

Instructors gain because they have an opportunity to improve their effectiveness (student learning) and student satisfaction in a timely way. A clear majority of instructors indicated in a 2011 survey that they were interested in soliciting and using mid-course student feedback. The MCF is an effort to facilitate that feedback.

Keeps private conversation going between the instructor and the students.
The MCF is not shared with anyone else, unless the instructor chooses to do so. It is not part of any formal evaluation process.


Classroom instructors from any academic program can use the MCF. 


Suggested timeline for activities during Weeks 2 through 8 of a 14-week semester-based term:

  • Week 2: Qualtrics instructions sent to NTID
  • Week 3: SRATE MCF particpation lists requested from Department Chairs
  • Week 4: Department Chairs send SRATE participation lists to Student Ratings Coordinator
  • Week 5: If Qualtrics is used,Instructor imports survey to their site and edits according to their needs.
  • Week 7: Instructor administers MCF survey to students. Students complete MCF through SRATE or Qualtrics.
  • Week 7: Instructor summarizes the results and insights for the class from their SRATE or Qualtrics survey, considers how to respond to the feedback, and makes a reasonable plan with the students.
  • Week 8: Instructor follows up briefly with students in class to see how the plan is working.
Mid-Course Feedback

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Student Ratings Advisory Group

  • Kim Kurz, Coordinator
  • Marianne Gustafson, Consultant
  • Karen Beiter
  • Ernest Roszkowski
  • Andrew Steele
  • Vicki Liggera
  • Jen Verbakel
  • Tom Weymann
  • Matthew Dye