Guidelines for Sharing Results

  1. Keep it short. Sharing MCF survey results with your students should take NO MORE THAN ten minutes of teaching time at the start of class!
  2. Thank the students for participating! A better class can result with their help!
  3. Briefly summarize the ratings. Begin with a summary and overall distribution of the ratings for each question. Don’t place any specific positive or negative value on the results. Students shouldn’t think you had an expectation for what the ratings would be. 

    IMPORTANT: DO NOT do ANYTHING that would reveal an individual student’s rating or comments! Don’t overemphasize comments from one person.
  4. Bring up only one or two of the most important items and determine a possible plan of action. Summarize insights and consensus comments. Note the areas you think may need attention. Students need to know you read what they wrote and appreciate their feedback. It’s an attitude that you’re trying to convey. Be objective. Don’t take comments personally. Invite discussion to clarify comments. This can be a shared problem-solving session.
    • Examples: 

      “I see several of you feel the homework is not helpful. What can we do?” 

      “A few people thought the pace was too slow. Would less repetition help?”
    • Students need to know you can’t change some things.

      Example: A textbook, or a specific test might need to be part of the class.
    • Suggest ways students can participate in addressing the concerns.

      Example: In-class participation, tutoring, study groups, or meeting with you.
  5. Offer one-on-one meetings as a follow-up. Some students may not want to share or disclose their comments in the group situation.
  6. Follow up in class in a few weeks. Find out if what you and the students have been doing to address concerns has helped. 

For further information about how to use Comments from Students, see Syracuse University information

Seek tips from colleagues and the RIT Teaching and Learning Services at Wallace.

Mid-Course Feedback

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Student Ratings Advisory Group

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