Student Ratings (SRATE and SRS)

The SRATE (Student RAtings of Teaching Effectiveness) refers to RIT's new online system for student ratings of Classroom Teachers, administered online by SRATE is required in every course every semester. The survey consists of a set of ten core questions and up to ten additional college, department and faculty questions. There are six Student Government questions. NTID requires four college questions. (See for more information.) ASL version of SRATE questions is available on this website. The results for each course go only to students and instructors in that course.

SRS is now called Services Rating System 1:1 (SRS1:1). It is an anonymous online survey of student perceptions of their educational encounters with faculty/staff at RIT/NTID. The SRS1:1 consists of statements to which a student responds using an agreement scale. Text boxes are also available for optional comments. Statements include required Summative items and optional Formative items selected by the individual faculty/staff.

Summative Items: A group of four to five summative items are included to fulfill RIT policy relating to tenure and appraisal of tenure-track faculty. Professional Staff may also use these for appraisal and promotion purposes. A summary of student ratings on the summative items is available online for the chairperson/director. This summary of student ratings is also accessible online to the individual faculty/staff, along with all related comments.

Formative Items: A large pool of formative items is also available, from which the faculty/staff survey creator may choose questions. A maximum of 20 questions is recommended, including the summative items. A summary of student ratings and comments on the formative items is available only for the individual faculty/staff.

Students are advised that their opinions are an essential component of the large amount of information used to evaluate faculty and staff. Chairpersons/Directors are also reminded that student input is only one source of information about faculty/staff skills and accomplishments and should be used in conjunction with other information.

See for the Faculty/Staff login page to the SRS1:1 and log in using your DCE/username and regular password.

Student Ratings Advisory Group

  • Kim Kurz, Coordinator
  • Marianne Gustafson, Consultant
  • Karen Beiter
  • Ernest Roszkowski
  • Andrew Steele
  • Vicki Liggera
  • Jen Verbakel
  • Tom Weymann
  • Matthew Dye