Health Care Task Force

In June 2010, NTID led the way in establishing the national Task Force on Health Care Careers for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community, an initiative dedicated to increasing the number and success of D/HH individuals going into the growing health care employment sector. The Task Force was charged with producing short-term recommendations by June 30, 2011 and a culminating White Paper due in March 2012.

NTID undertook this initiative in collaboration with three other founding institutions: Gallaudet University, the National Center on Deaf Health Research at the University of Rochester Medical Center, and Rochester General Health System. These four founding institutions represent the primary agents in considering and implementing Task Force recommendations.

NTID is very ably represented on the Task Force by Gary Behm, Kathleen Miraglia, and J. Matt Searls, in addition to the dedicated leadership being provided by Rose Marie Toscano in the role of Task Force Co-Chair.

The documents and websites listed below provide an update on the work of the Task Force.