Strategic Decisions 2020: News & Updates

2014 Update
February 24, 2015
Fall 2011 SD 2020 Update
August 30, 2011

Analysis/Recommendation Teams

Four analysis/recommendation teams that were active during the 2010-2011 academic year have completed their work, and their recommendations/reports have been reviewed by the NAC. They are:

  • Achieving Enrollment Targets- Report being finalized
  • Innovation/Scholarship/Research- Recommendations being implemented
  • Institutional Research- Recommendations under review
  • Flexibility in the Direct Instruction Model- Recommendations being implemented

Two new analysis/recommendation teams have been formed for the 2011-2012 academic year. They are:


Guidelines for supporting innovation, scholarship and research activities have been completed. A call for proposals to establish NTID strategic research centers went out in June 2011, with proposals due October 14, 2011.

NTID has received a grant of $1.75 million to help construct a new building devoted to research. This gift includes a matching funds challenge of $250,000, and the building will be known as Sebastian and Lenore Rosica Hall.

National Center of Excellence

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded more than $4.45 million over four years to NTID faculty members Donna Lange, Myra Pelz and Gary Long to establish DeafTEC: Technological Education Center for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students, an Advanced Technological Education (ATE) National Center of Excellence.

Branding and Marketing Study

NTID has contracted with the Lawlor Group to conduct a branding study regarding marketing, recruiting, and enrollment activities. The group will be on campus September 14 – 15 to meet with various constituencies.

Access Services

Principles to guide the provision of access services to students, faculty and staff on campus are being developed and completion is anticipated by early 2012. An advisory board is being implemented as well.

Innovation Funding

Many innovation projects are well under way and a system for reporting and sharing findings and results is being developed.

SD2020 Activities to Date
April 19, 2011

Committees/Recommendation Teams

Four Analysis/ Recommendation teams have been hard at work developing recommendation reports for the NAC’s review and action. They are:

  • Achieving Enrollment Targets
  • Innovation, Scholarship and Research
  • Institutional Research
  • Flexibility in the Direct Instruction Model - view report

Three of the teams: Innovation, Scholarship and Research; Institutional Research; and Flexibility in the Direct Instruction Model have submitted their recommendations to the NAC. The fourth team, Achieving Enrollment Targets, is slated to complete its work by October, 2011.

Calls for self-nominations will be sent to the NTID community for two new Analysis/ Recommendation Teams, to become active Fall 2011. They are:

  • Communication Expectations for Faculty and Staff
  • Faculty/Staff Professional Development


  • Commitment to Signing in Public Places: This committee has been very active, developing a variety of media to promote awareness on signing in public places including but not limited to: email, posters and buttons. A letter was sent out to the NTID community, on behalf of the President’s Office. Furthermore, Mr. Keith Cagle of North Carolina gave a series of presentations on the NTID campus in March regarding the importance of communication access and sensitivity. The focus for this committee next year will be to conduct small group sessions for special populations.
  • Establishment of RIT Community Center for ASL/ Deaf Studies: This center was formally opened in January, 2011 with a tremendous response from the community.
  • Expanding access to ASL/ Deaf Studies courses: A minor in ASL/ Deaf Studies will be started in Fall 2011. We also have strong representation on the Provost’s Deafness Access Committee.
  • Flexible Scheduling of New Signers courses: A committee has been formed to explore the feasibility of implementing a New Signers Program, preceding SVP, to start Summer 2012
  • Enhancing Summer Orientation to the RIT/ NTID community for Entering Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students: A module will be added to the SVP 2011 curriculum to introduce incoming students to the history and culture of NTID at RIT.


  • Coordination among technical education, general education and co-curriculum programs: International Component: Students have a growing array of options available to them regarding international experiences and exposure including but not limited to: Discovering Deaf Worlds, Global Reach-Out, Study Abroad program in Sienna, Italy, and PEN-International. Innovation and departmental funds have and will continue to be used to support student involvement in international activities.
  • English Issues: Forums have been held with students, faculty and staff to discuss strategies to improve the NTID English System. A workgroup is being formed, and faculty and students will work together to actively implement recommendations for modifying the system.
  • Coordination among technical education, general education, co-curriculum programs: Community Service: A strong community service (or service learning) component will be added to the Freshman Seminar course as part of the Semester Conversion process. In the meantime, the Student Life Team and EYF/SVP coordinator is giving this high priority.
  • Health Care Task Force


  • Provide space for Innovation, Scholarship and Research: Funding efforts for NTID’s new Imagination Hall are well under way, with groundbreaking anticipated for Fall 2012.
  • Innovation Grants


  • Commitment to recruiting and retaining diverse faculty and staff: The NAC is revising the institutional hiring practices guidelines, and developing a framework for succession planning, especially at the management/ administrative level, and for a future Emerging Leaders Program.