Susan Foster

Susan Foster, Ph. D.

I have worked in the field of deaf education for almost 30 years, both as an educator and as a researcher. I have taught and mentored deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing students in our Masters of Science Program in Secondary Education (MSSE) for over 20 years and conducted qualitative research to discover students' and teachers experiences' in separate as well as mainstream educational programs. Publications include journal articles and two books that examine access and inclusion in both schools and at work. I have degrees and teacher certification in English and special education. My research interests include emerging trends in education models for deaf and hard of nearing children and youth, and the physiological, educational and psychological impact of biomedical and technological interventions designed to improve hearing such as cochlear implants and digital hearing aids. Current classroom based projects focus on discovering and implementing practices that increase access to learning for all students in mainstream settings, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Sara Schley

Sara Schley, Ed. D.

My research background has focused on access to education and language by deaf and hard of hearing students.   Recent work has concentrated on managing diverse classroom linguistic modalities and languages (deaf, hard of hearing, hearing; ASL, English) in the college classroom.  I was the PI on an NSF CAREER project studying longitudinal pathways of K-12 education and impact on college and careers.  I was part of a collaborative team (NTID, Cornell University and the Social Security Administration) studying the impact of an NTID education on lifelong earnings, employment, and use of SSI and SSDI funding.  I have mentored a number of students on how to work with large longitudinal databases, including how to manage multiple data sources, and how to display results visually.  I have taught deaf, hard of hearing and hearing students at NTID/RIT for 11 years, including students in the Masters of Science Program in Secondary Education, the ASL/English Interpreting program, and the Psychology Department in the College of Liberal Arts.  Current research additionally includes evaluating the incidence and placement of deaf and hard of hearing students with additional disabilities.