Deafness-Related Resources and Links




  • The NTID Deaf Index was created to help locate articles, papers, publications, and information on Interpreting, Interpreting Issues, Sign Language, Deaf Studies, Deaf History, and other related materials. It contains over 15,000 entries.
  • The experts at NTID have developed the ASL Video Dictionary and Inflection guide - an innovative dictionary that not only shows you 2,700 signs, but shows most of them in sentences. You can see the inflections and learn how they work to help gain a true understanding of the language of ASL, not just a list of its vocabulary.
  • NTID maintains a web site for speech and language professionals.
  • A variety of Sign Language and Deafness Products can be purchased at NTID's easy-to-use and secure online store.
  • The SLPI (Sign Language Proficiency Interview) involves a one-to-one conversation in sign language between an interviewer and candidate/interviewee, with interview content varying according to the background, job responsibilities/schooling, and other interests of each person interviewed.
  • C-Print is a speech-to-text system developed at RIT/NTID as a communication access service option for some deaf and hard-of-hearing students in educational environments.
  • The Project Solve website is designed to help students improve their skills at solving mathematics word problems.
  • The Supporting English Acquisition website assists educators of deaf students in their efforts to promote their students’ English language acquisition and literacy development.
  • Raising and Educating Deaf Children: Foundations for Policy, Practice, and Outcomes seeks to provide objective, evidence-based information for policy-making and practice associated with raising and educating deaf children, with an eye to improving them.
  • On the Educating Deaf Children website, international experts answer questions about the choices, controversies and decisions faced by parents and educators of deaf and hard-of-hearing children.