Associate+Bachelor's Degree Program in General Science

Students examining scientific equipment in the laboratory with a professor.

If you’re interested in a bachelor’s degree in the chemical, biological or health sciences, consider an Associate+Bachelor's Degree Program in General Science, which offers you access to high-caliber academic programs and unparalleled academic support.

You start with an Associate of Science (AS) in General Science. This program provides you with the courses and credits you need to enroll in and successfully complete a bachelor's degree program. Qualified students who complete the AS in General Science degree will be admitted to the bachelor’s degree as juniors.

Upon successful completion of your AS program in General Science, you will have several options from which to choose. You can enroll in RIT's College of Science, where you can pursue a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, biology, biotechnology and molecular bioscience, chemistry or environmental science. Or you can enroll in RIT’s College of Health Sciences and Technology, where you can work towards a bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences.

A+B Scholarship