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The Speech & Language Center was constructed in 2000 to provide a state-of-the-art facility to support students' attainment of communication competence, particularly in receptive and expressive spoken English. The lab is part of a cluster of labs, the Integrated Communication Labs, that support communication development for students, faculty, and staff using English in its spoken, written, and signed forms and American Sign Language.

The Speech & Language Center is equipped with computers and audio-video recording and playback devices that permit the use of visual and auditory input and feedback for instructional purposes. For example, computer programs are used to measure parameters of speech and to provide visual representations of a spoken signal to aid in the identification of correct vs. incorrect productions.


Kay-PENTAX Visi-Pitch IV with 8 programs, including Real-Time Spectrogram, Real-Time Pitch, Sona-Match and Auditory Feedback Tools; Macintosh with Sound Studio


PC with auditory training programs Sound and WAY Beyond, Earobics 1AA and Hearing Your Life, Sound Studio, Visi-Pitch IV


Conference room for group conversation, group discussion, public speaking presentations and videoconferencing


PC with IBM SpeechViewer III and Pronunciation Power II; Sound Studio; Visi-Pitch IV


Digital video with remote viewing and recording capabilities; Visi-Pitch IV; Sound Studio

Other programs facilitate the development of listening skills and the improvement of pronunciation. Split-screen video recording technology is used to enable students to record and analyze conversational interactions, including practice job interviews.