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This website is intended to make available general information on student outcomes assessment and specific information related to the assessment at NTID, one of the nine colleges of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Resource information in the form of links to other websites, bibliography or printed materials and relevant internal and external workshops and conferences are included.

Development of Student Outcomes Assessment at NTID
A brief history of outcomes assessment at NTID and the operational and best practice principles used to develop the initial college assessment plan.

Program Level Assessment at RIT, including NTID
A description of RIT’s Academic Program Assessment efforts, with links to RIT’s Educational Effectiveness, Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee, and RIT’s Annual Outcomes Assessment Progress Reports.

Unit/Program Assessment Plans
A listing of degree programs, arts and sciences and academic support areas in the college with links to their completed outcomes assessment plans.

Assessment Resources
A collection of print and electronic assessment resources, including assessment plans from other institutions, information on how to write course and program objectives, how to develop rubrics, examples of student surveys and detail on specific discipline-based assessment strategies.

Middle States Association
RIT's Periodic Review Report submitted to Middle States Association in June 2002; NTID's College Assessment Plan (June 2002); Middle States Review - Student Outcomes Assessment - NTID - Executive Summary, February 24, 2006; and Academic Outcomes Assessment Task Force Report, March 15, 2006. Also included are links to the RIT Middle States Accreditation webpages and Self-Study 2017.

Assessment Workshops and Conferences
Information about upcoming assessment convenings at the local and national level.

Outcomes Assessment initiated and led by:

Christine M. Licata
Senior Associate Provost
Rochester Institute of Technology

Ongoing leadership and website maintenance:

Marianne S. Gustafson
Associate Dean for Curriculum and Special Projects
Office of Academic Affairs
National Technical Institute for the Deaf