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Steering Committee

In the fall of 1998, the Steering Committee on Outcomes Assessment was established and charged with developing a campus plan for outcomes assessment. The Steering Committee emphasized the importance of assessment of student outcomes in improving instruction, and began to investigate how other institutions of higher education were addressing assessment of student academic achievement.

The following questions were addressed by the Steering Committee:

  • What is student outcomes assessment and why is it important?
  • What are the characteristics of an effective system to assess student outcomes?
  • What are the proposed elements of a system of outcomes assessment and program improvement at NTID?

Since completing the pilot with one program, the Steering Committee has worked with all other academic units to develop assessment plans for their degree programs. In addition to the development of plans for each academic program, the Steering Committee was involved with the development of assessment measures for broader, overarching, campus-wide learning goals that are expected of all NTID students.

Steering Committee Members

Academic program faculty invited to join the steering committee were:

  • Stephen Aldersley
  • Tom Raco
  • Laurie Brewer
  • Larry Scott
  • Paula Brown
  • Michael Steve
  • John Cox
  • Lee Twyman
  • Vince Daniele
  • Kathy Voelkl
  • John Madison
  • Christine Licata (as convener and facilitator)
  • Barbara McKee