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Program Level Assessment at RIT, including NTID

NTID fully participates in RIT’s program level assessment processes for both ongoing and newly proposed academic programs, following the requirements, templates and timeline established for all of the colleges of RIT.  These are under the direction of the Office of Educational Effectiveness Assessment (EAA) in RIT’s Academic Affairs unit.

Academic Program Assessment is well supported through staff in the EAA, through the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee, and through information, templates, and resources on the EAA website.

RIT’s Assessment Management System (Taskstream) provides a web-based hub for all assessment initiatives, including the annual Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Progress Report. These annual reports are aggregated, analyzed, and shared with the campus community by the EAA. NTID’s Program Level Outcomes Assessment findings and use of results are also summarized and published in NTID’s Annual Report to the federal Secretary of Education and NTID community.