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Middle States Association

The Commission on Higher Education, Middle States Association (MSA) of Colleges and Schools places special emphasis on the assessment of student learning. Beginning with its Framework for Outcomes Assessment (1996), MSA has provided helpful guidance to institutions and student learning outcomes assessment has been an increasingly important requirement for accreditation.

RIT responded early on to this imperative by developing a university outcomes assessment framework. The framework included components of assessment required of all units. Each college developed its own plan taking special care to ensure that the components of the university framework were included.

RIT's outcomes assessment planning and implementation efforts and NTID's initial plans and reports are described in the documents below:

The RIT Academic Program and Curriculum Management website contains an explanation and link to the MSCHE 2012 Periodic Review Report, which is focused primarily on assessment, and the subsequent Reviewer’s Report.

Middle States Standards for Accreditation and Requirements of Affiliation changed in 2015 and RIT became one of the pilot schools participating in a Collaborative Implementation Project during 2015-2016 followed by a Site Visit in 2017. An RIT website describes the process, timelines and Self-Study Design. Assessment is an integral part of several of the new standards.