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Numerous assessment resources were used—and continue to be used—by departments and college units as part of the assessment development and implementation process. For ease of navigation and viewing, these resources are organized into the following categories: examples of assessment frameworks; assessment plans and related materials and printed materials. To assist you in locating a desired resource, brief descriptions of each category are provided below.

  1. RIT Educational Effectiveness Assessment (EAA) - RIT’s EAA website has a robust section for Academic Program Assessment. It includes:
    • Academic program assessment overview, template and sample plans
    • Rationale for program level assessment
    • Resources to support the assessment of student learning
    • RIT’s Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Progress Report procedures and annual reports
    • New program and course level assessment guidance
    • FAQ’s for academic program assessment
    • Information about the RIT Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee
  2. Printed Materials - Itemizes a collection of texts and articles selected for their quality and applicability to the outcomes assessment development process.

    Bibliography of Useful Text Resources

  3. Assessment Framework - Illustrates the general structure(s) recommended by assessment experts for development of assessment plans.

    Alternative Assessment and Electronic Portfolios, good links to sites describing ways to do alternative assessment including portfolios.

    Field-tested Learning Assessment Guide (FLAG) for Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology Instructors, great resources for learning how to select assessment techniques to match course goal - each tool has been field tested in college and university classrooms.

    National Center for Postsecondary Improvement at Stanford and University of Michigan, two websites that provide extensive information about what approaches colleges and universities are using in outcomes assessment.

  4. Assessment Plans and Other Related Materials - Describes, and frequently links to, documents and materials available via the Internet or from other institutions. Some excellent examples of other university outcomes assessment plans are included, as well as information on specific assessment components (e.g., how to write objectives; develop rubrics, etc.).

    Assessment Plans - Other Institutions

    North Carolina State University - Planning and Analysis, terrific website containing general resources, assessment handbooks, and assessment of specific skills or content. All resources are directly linked to other sites.

    Worcester Polytechnic Institute

    Writing Objectives (Course and Program)

    Writing Measurable Learning Outcomes was written at Georgia Tech to assist faculty in writing objectives. This is in a terrific website. Faculty can use it to assess their current course objectives and design new objectives and determine ways to assess if each objective is met.

    Developing Rubrics

    Introduction to Rubrics includes An Assessment Tool to Save Grading Time, Convey Effective Feedback and Promote Student Learning.


    University of Idaho Electrical Engineering Program: Senior Survey and Exit Interview Form

    University of Idaho Electrical Engineering Program: Alumni Survey Form

    Holistic Critical Thinking Scoring Rubric