RIT/NTID Student Research Resources

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Funds are now available to support RIT/NTID student researchers, with the goal of increasing the number of NTID-supported students who do research with faculty members at NTID. Students who are conducting research under externally funded projects are asked to use those funds before applying for the NTID-funded opportunities.

Student Research Microgrants

Students (with approval of a faculty mentor) can apply for a microgrant (up to $1,000) to support a specific research project. Funds could be given to students in need of purchasing a software program, piece of equipment, chemical, etc. in order to conduct research. Faculty members who want to start new/pilot research projects are specifically encouraged to have their students apply. These microgrants are predominantly for supplies and are not eligible to be paid as stipends or for travel.

Applications due: Rolling (but alll funds are to be used, and invoices turned in, within one month of making purchases with the exception of September and June- where all invoices are due by the 15th due to budget cycle closings- even if purchase were made within less than a month).

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURFs)

Stipends are available, through a competitive process, for students who conduct research with a faculty member during a summer appointment. 

Applications due: Applications are due on April 1st.

Support for Student Conference Travel 

Students who have made significant research progress can apply for funding to present their findings at professional conferences within the U.S. Limited funds can be used to support airfare, registration, lodging, etc. for student conference presentations.

Applications due: Rolling (but completed applications must be received at least one month prior to the proposed travel date and all Travel Expense Reports with all receipts must be submitted within 2 weeks of the completed travel. Further, all forms must be submitted prior to budget closing deadlines (September 15th and June 15th) even if these dates occur within 2 weeks of returning from travel.)