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Student Researcher Travel Support

Limited funds are available to support travel for NTID-supported student researchers to attend a professional conference in the U.S. at which they will present their research, as the presenting author, in a poster or oral presentation. These funds are reserved for students who have made significant progress in their research projects in collaboration with a faculty mentor and are ready to present their results at a professional conference.

Funds of up to $1,800 per trip can be requested to support student researcher travel to present at a conference. These funds can be used for transportation, lodging, registration and food expenses. Preference will be given to students who have not received NTID Student Researcher Travel fund support in the past.
How to Apply

Applicants should submit:

  1. a completed Student Researcher Travel Support Application Form,
  2. the abstract of the work that will be presented at the conference,
  3. a letter of support from their faculty mentor, and
  4. a resume.


  1. The presentation must be made by the awarded NTID-supported student, not the faculty mentor or other co-author.
  2. The student applicant must have a GPA above 3.0 and be in good academic, financial and judicial standing at RIT/NTID. 
  3. Students receiving the award will submit a short (i.e., one-page maximum) report on their conference experience within one month after the meeting (this report will be shared with NTID’s Marketing Department so that the research/trip may be publicized).
  4. Travel support recipients must also present their research at the Annual NTID Student Research Fair, typically held in late April/early May. 
  5. Students who are conducting research under externally-funded projects are asked to use those funds before applying for the NTID-funded opportunities. 
  6. Completed applications for Student Travel Support must be received at least one month prior to the proposed travel date.

All travel must be within the U.S. and arranged in advance through Ms. Barb DellaVilla ( (we will not be able to reimburse travel arrangements/charges that were made prior to the meeting with Ms. DellaVilla).  Airfare itineraries cannot be changed after they are purchased.  Travel forms (Travel Expense Reports with all receipts) must be submitted to Barb Dellavilla ( within 2 weeks of the completed travel.  Further, all forms must be submitted prior to RIT/NTID budget closing deadlines (September 15th and June 15th)- even if these dates occur within 2 weeks of returning from travel.


For more information, or to apply, contact Dr. Todd Pagano (