About the NTID Committee for Sustainable Practices

In January, Dr. Gerry Buckley established the NTID Committee for Sustainable Practices to:

  • Bring together members of our community who share interest, knowledge and/or expertise in our college’s sustainable policies, practices, and physical development.
  • Advise the NTID administration on sustainability matters.
  • Be a conduit for information and represent students, faculty and staff from across NTID who are involved in activities related to sustainability.

Committee members are as follows:  Andy Foster, Chris Campbell, Christopher Knigga, Daniel Millikin, Dominique Lepoutre,  Erwin Smith, James Fugate, Judy Buckley, Kaylee Finton, Laura Braggiotti, Linda Hoke, Matt Dana, Rupert Dubler, and Todd Pagano. 

This committee will help guide NTID and our community as active participants in RIT’s efforts to:

  • Become a sustainable leader in higher education and the local community.
  • Limit energy consumption, carbon emissions and material waste, as well as the ecological impact on the campus grounds and local infrastructure.
  • Become a leader in the development and promotion of sustainable education and technology.
  • Moderate the expenditure of financial, material and energy resources to sustain current and future operations and growth.

We have established this blog to share interesting facts and to communicate our committee’s efforts and accomplishments.

About This Blog

The NTID Committee on Sustainable Practices is committed to promoting a sustainable environment for work and learning at RIT/NTID. We use this blog to share news, information and tips on being "green" with the RIT/NTID community. Learn more here.

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Committee Members

  • Laura J Braggiotti
  • Judy Buckley
  • Chris Campbell
  • Matt Dana
  • Andy Foster 
  • James Fugate
  • Linda L Hoke
  • Christopher Knigga
  • Dominique Lepoutre
  • Daniel P Millikin
  • Erwin J Smith
  • Amy Stornello