Summer Vestibule Program (SVP)

What is SVP?

Students sitting in rows and rows of auditorium

The Summer Vestibule Program (SVP) is an almost two week orientation experience designed with your college success in mind. SVP helps you learn more about yourself as a person and how you can best take advantage of everything RIT/NTID has to offer. You will be very busy as you experience programs that will help you make choices about your education and future careers.

During SVP, you will sample the technical programs offered at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf and the professional programs offered through the other colleges of Rochester Institute of Technology. You will also take course placement tests. It is very important that you take these course placement tests seriously and do your best. The test results help us determine your fall course placements.

Also during SVP, you will be introduced to RIT/NTID facilities, policies, and student life opportunities so that you'll be well prepared when classes start.