Information for Parents and Families

A Message from the SVP Coordinator

The transition to college is filled with great excitement and many challenges for students. Parents and families play a very important role during this transition period, providing the support and encouragement from home that is vital for student success throughout college. Since we want to help your student have the most successful college experience possible, we have developed the SVP Family Orientation program.

Your student will move in on Sunday, August 11, 2019 (time: 9am-1pm). We will have a Parent Orientation consisting of several presentations.  We will also have a Services Fair (on Monday), which is your opportunity to get acquainted with RIT/NTID resources, programs, and requirements and to get answers to questions. While your participation is encouraged, the Family Orientation program is optional. We hope that it will be the beginning of an important partnership as we work together to provide students with the educational opportunities that will lead them to a rewarding career and successful life.

The SVP and Family Orientation guides provide an overview of student and family activities for SVP.  During move-in day, you will get a more detailed schedule in your family orientation packet.  Feel free to send me a "Friend" request via Facebook (AmyRITStornello) and join in on the parent group.  You can network with other parents are also dropping off their son/daughter to college for the first time as well as other parents whose students are upperclassmen and they can share timely advice with you. There are also additional groups for SVP 2017 and for accepted students in bachelor's degree programs - it's a great way to meet friends now rather than wait until orientation arrives in August. I encourage you to join us as your young adult begins this all-important next step in his/her education.

*Be aware that RIT Orientation will be mailing out a RIT Orientation overview, which you can use as a reference - however, SVP is a speciailzed orientation - so be mindful that the SVP accepted students will move in on Sunday, August 11 - one full week prior to the Bachelor's student move-in.  Students accepted into bachelor's degree programs within the other colleges of RIT are expected to move in on Tuesday, August 20, 2019.  Transfer students are also expected to participate in the Orientation program on Tuesday as well. There may be exceptions, such as commuters or athletes moving in early for training.  If you are not sure and want to double-check with the SVP office, you are welcome to contact us to be sure.

I look forward to meeting you all at orientation!

Best regards,
Amy Stornello