Student Tips, Resources and Links

Dress for the Weather

Dress at RIT is casual, but there may be times when you will want to dress up. What is most important to remember is that Rochester’s weather is unpredictable. Bring plenty of warm clothing and rain gear to campus with you. If you plan to go home for Thanksgiving break, you can bring most of your winter clothing back to campus then, instead of in early fall.

Computer Guidelines

You are not required to bring a computer to RIT/NTID. There are computer labs in academic buildings, the library and in the residence halls. If you do bring a personal computer, you will have to make sure your computer software meets RIT security standards. Information explaining how to get your computer “network ready” can be found on the ITS Resnet website.

The cost of SVP

The fee for NTID’s Summer Vestibule Program is included in your fall semester bill.  These costs cover programming and room & board and are not covered by financial aid. If you have VR or OSAP support, be sure to discuss the costs related to SVP with them before arriving. 

Student Financial Services Office

The Student Financial Services Office, located in the University Services Center, Bldg 87 1st floor, maintains all student financial records, generates semeter billing, and determines each student’s financial eligibility to register for each semester. The office processes student charges, payments, and refunds. Questions regarding financial records should be directed to the Student Financial Services Office at 585-475-6186 (V) or 585-475-2080 (TTY). Student Financial Services representatives will be available to meet with parents on Monday, August 20.

Vocational Rehabilitation Support

If you will be receiving VR support, it is important to keep your VR counselor informed of  your program choice, grades and any other information he or she requires as part of your funding agreement. It is very important to communicate with your VR counselor throughout the academic year to keep him or her informed of your progress. Most VR offices expect you to maintain full-time student status (minimum 12 credits/semester) and to earn a GPA of 2.0 or above to continue to receive support.

Counseling Services

The NTID Counseling and Academic Advising Services Department provides all deaf and hard-of-hearing students with personal, career and academic counseling. Upon arrival at RIT/NTID you are assigned a counselor to assist you with your transition to college. For more information about these services, please visit the NTID Counseling Department website.


There is no bank on the RIT campus. However, there are several HSBC and M&T Bank ATMs that accept bank cards affiliated with NYCE, Global Access, MasterCard, Visa, CIRRUS, and PLUS at a charge to the customer. Here is a list of a few banks, close to campus.

Bank of America

1-800-841-4000 (V)
1-800-637-4031 (TTY) 


1-800-975-4722 (V)
1-800-898-5999 (TTY) 

Citizens Bank

1-877-242-7837 (V)
1-800-588-7272 (TTY) 


1-800-724-2440 (V)
1-800-724-1930 (TTY)

Staying Safe on Campus

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