Move-In and Registration

SVP Move-In DaySVP Students are expected to move into their RIT housing assignment on Sunday, August 11, 2019 (time: 9am-1pm ONLY) on Move-In Day. Check-in and registration will be held in the CSD Student Development Center.

At registration:

  • You will pick up your SVP Family Orientation schedule. 
  • Your student will pick up his or her room and mailbox keys, SVP notebook and SVP schedule.  
  • Please ensure that your student completes the LCBQ questionnaire and other items on the Accepted Student Checklist.  If this is not filled out, he/she will spend additional time filling out the forms BEFORE being able to move into his/her housing assignment.

While some carts will be available to make your move-in easier, we recommend that you bring your own dolly or cart to transport luggage to the residence hall rooms. We also suggest that you avoid moving in during the early-morning rush when residence hall elevators are busiest.  

***We would appreciate that you make every opportunity to move in within that time frame above OR consider moving in earlier.  The SVP program starts promptly at 2pm.  Late arrivals will be missing valuable information - so please be mindful of this when making travel arrangements.

For more information, please refer to your student’s Housing Operations packet, visit the RIT Housing website, or call directly at 585-475-2572 (v) or 585-475-2113 (TTY).

***Please note that your student will NOT need luggage tags or color coded maps - that is for the following week for BS student move-in day only.