What is the Summer Vestibule Program?

Parents and students at SVPThe Summer Vestibule Program (SVP) is a required, nearly two week long orientation designed to assist first-year students with their transition to college life. During SVP, your son or daughter will be exposed to the various academic programs offered at NTID and the other colleges of RIT, attend career seminars and learn about life on a college campus. He or she also will take important placement tests.

Course Placement Tests are used to match students with courses that are compatible with their achievement and aptitude. In many cases, scores on these tests also are used to determine a student’s readiness for a particular major and/or degree level. Students will be tested in English, math, and other subjects as appropriate.

Program Sampling includes classroom lectures, activities, and laboratory projects relating to the programs at NTID and the other colleges of RIT. Program sampling activities help your son or daughter determine or confirm his or her interests and abilities for different majors.

Career Seminars introduce students to decision-making models and enable them to identify their skills, interests and values as they relate to personal and professional goals. Career development counselors provide instruction and advisement.

Campus Life activities introduce your son or daughter to college life and what is needed to succeed at RIT/NTID. He or she will be offered opportunities for personal enrichment, including cultural, recreational, athletic and residence life activities.