Information for Students Coming to SVP

Students at SVPWhat will I do at SVP?

The Summer Vestibule Program (SVP) is a required almost two week orientation designed to assist NTID students with their transition to RIT. During SVP, you will sample academic programs offered at NTID and the other colleges of RIT, attend career seminars, and learn about life at RIT.

Course Placement Testing

A critical part of SVP is course placement testing. Your scores will be used to place you in courses that are compatible with your achievement and aptitude. In many cases, scores on these tests are used to determine your readiness for a particular major and/or degree level.

You will be tested in English (reading and writing), mathematics (calculators allowed), and other areas, if necessary. It is very important that you take these course placement tests seriously and do your best!

Reading and Math Test Examples

Typical example questions on reading and writing placement test can be downloaded here.

Math examples can be downloaded here.

Program Sampling

This consists of two days of activities designed to help you determine or confirm your major at RIT/NTID. You will be able to see the six program areas and select two that you're interestd in.  The areas are:

  1. Photography, Design & Imaging, Publishing, etc.
  2. Biology, Chemistry, Health Sciences, Lab Science Technology, etc.
  3. Civil, Mechanical Engineering, Enginering Studies, etc.
  4. College of Liberal Arts, Applied Liberal Arts
  5. Information and Computing Studies, Programming, Networking, etc.
  6. Business, Accounting, Management, Business studies, etc.

Career Seminars

Career seminars are classes designed to help you match your skills, interests and values with a major at RIT/NTID. Career seminar instructors provide instruction and academic advising, explain test results, and orient you to campus life.

Campus Life

You'll participate in activities that introduce you to college life and what is needed to succeed at RIT/NTID. During SVP, the NTID Student Life Team offers opportunities for personal growth including cultural, recreational, athletic, and residence life activities.

When you arrive...

  1. Check in at the SVP office on the first floor of the CSD Student Development Center, Building 55 on Sunday, August 11, 2019.  If you need to arrive before August 11, please inform the SVP Office FIRST!  You may need to make arrangements to stay at a local hotel at your own expense, if Housing is unable to allow you to move in early. Here is a list of available hotels.
  2. Pick up your dorm and mailbox keys and your SVP notebook/schedule. You will also want to go to the Registar's office (Eastman Hall) to obtain your RIT Student ID card (you will need this card to get your meals each day!).
  3. Move into your dorm room. SVP volunteers will be available to help you as much as possible. To make your move easier, some carts will be available; however, we recommend you bring your own dolly or cart, if possible.
  4. Review RIT’s Conduct Policy. All students are expected to behave in a mature, responsible manner and to participate in all scheduled SVP classes, tests and activities. For more information, refer to RIT Students Rights and Responsibilities.

After you arrive, make sure that you...

  1. Attend the Services Fair (students and families welcome).
  2. Meet Your OL (orientation leader) as well as meet other students in the Quad area that afternoon/evening.
  3. Tell your parents to attend the Parent Panel as well as meet individually with various staff members to get their questions answered on that evening.
  4. Attend the official SVP Welcome ceremony. Check your folder during move-in for a more detailed schedule.
  5. Follow your orientation schedule completely. You are expected stay and contribute to your orientation experience.
  6. Start your Fall semester classes!