Certificate Program

The Performing Arts Certificate program was primarily developed to broaden employment opportunities for Deaf graduates in applied arts and imaging, professional and technical communication and related business areas, industrial technologies, and other fields by expanding their repertoire of marketable skills. Students develop a knowledge of standard theatrical operating procedures, as well as principles and practices of theatre accessibility for Deaf people, allowing them to work in professional, regional and community theatre. It also provides a solid foundation for those who wish to pursue further education in film, video, theatre, and related forms of performing arts.

The Performing Arts Certificate is designed to provide students with knowledge of theatre terminology, practices and protocol; and experience in performance and technical theatre. The students must  take 3-three-credit courses from the Performing Arts program and a production practicum (at least 1-credit hour) to meet the certificate requirements.

Prerequisites for Admission

Applicants for the Performing Arts certificate must be students in good standing in an undergraduate program at RIT/NTID or hold an undergraduate degree from one of those programs.

Required Courses

A list of courses can be picked up from the Department of Creative and Cultural Studies main office (LBJ 1843).

Candidates will be granted the Performing Arts Certificate upon successful completion of the 10 credits. All the courses are currently offered as part of the RIT College of NTID Arts and Sciences component of registered degree programs. The faculty and resources are the same as those for the Arts and Sciences curriculum.