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3D Graphics Technology Program AAS Degree courses

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Shared courses in the VCS department

NAIS-120 - Principles of Design and Color

Students will be introduced to the basic elements of two-dimensional monochromatic and color design, compositional principles, and approaches to analysis of design problems. Techniques for gathering resources to work toward possible design solutions and visualization of design concepts through the use of idea sketches to final comprehensive layouts. Color theory will be introduced. Students will also utilize basic design vocabulary to participate in critiques for the purpose of analyzing their own and other students' work. This course provides students in non-creative technical majors as well as those pursuing more creative endeavors within the graphic arts field with a fundamental overview and understanding of the design process to expand critical awareness of the importance of good design. (NTID Supported Students.) Lab, Lecture 5, Credits 3 (Fall, Spring)

NAIS-130 - Raster and Vector Graphics

This course introduces students to the skills needed for the successful production and manipulation of raster and vector images using image creation and production software. Students will work in bitmap and vector applications, producing and editing with the tools and techniques offered by the software programs such as selection techniques, basic layer controls, digital masking, image correction and enhancement. Additional topics will include the relevance of image size, resolution and file format specifications when working with raster and vector images. Comprehension and correct usage of terminology and concepts are emphasized. (NTID Supported Students.) Lab, Lecture 5, Credits 3 (Fall, Spring)

NAIS-140 - Graphic Design and Typography I

Students will learn how to work through steps of the graphic design process, starting with the identification and research of design problems, and the intended message and the target audience, to development of basic graphic design solutions presented visually through clear, well-executed layouts created by both traditional and electronic means. Fundamental graphic design and typographic principles, elements, techniques and vocabulary used in design problem solving will be introduced. Students in this course will also learn about areas/categories of graphic design, creating examples such as posters, book/CD covers and logos. Topics covering selecting appropriate printing papers, professional practices, psychology of color, and critique methods will also be introduced. (Prerequisites: Restricted to NTID supported students that have completed NAIS-120 and (NAIS-130 or (0855-251 and 0855-252)) or equivalent courses.) Lab, Lecture 5, Credits 3 (Fall, Spring)

NAIS-150 - Page Layout I

Students will use page layout (desktop publishing) applications to design and produce pages and documents to given specifications. Skill development will include importing and placing text and graphic files, the application of style sheets, templates, snippets, libraries, and color specifications. The application of design and typographic principles, industry terminology, measurement systems, font management, and file management are also covered. (NTID Supported Students.) Lecture/Lab 5, Credits 3 (Fall, Spring)

NAIS-160 - Web Design I

This course introduces students to the fundamental skills needed to create designs that work on the World Wide Web. Students are introduced to the Internet, learn basic HTML programming for graphics, and legal issues of the Internet. Text based technology is used to separate design from content using templates and cascading style sheets (CSS). Topics such as image preparation, page design, site graphic design, navigation & linking, content, usability, speed, originality and audience are discussed. Students are expected to create web pages that demonstrate their understanding and use of basic application of the above topics. (NTID Supported Students.) Lab, Lecture 5, Credits 3 (Fall, Spring)

NAIS-199 - Independent Study-Visual Communications Studies

The description for each Independent Study request will be specified in each student proposal. (Enrollment in this course requires permission from the department offering the course.) Independent Study, Credits 1 - 3 (Fall, Spring)

NAIS-201 - Employment Seminar

Provides students with an opportunity to prepare for co-op and permanent employment through activities including developing and revising resumes, cover letters and portfolios, completing forms, interviewing, developing strategies for finding job opportunities, and researching targeted companies. Discussions relating to personal finance, communication strategies, adapting to the workplace, tips for job success, and workplace expectations will be included. (This course is restricted to 2nd year students in the ARTIMG-AAS or ARTIMG-AOS program.) Lecture 3, Credits 3 (Fall, Spring)

NAIS-289 - Special Topics-Visual Communications Studies

The description for each Special Topics request will be specified in each course proposal. (NTID Supported Students.) Lecture, Credits 1 - 5 (Fall, Spring)

NAIS-291 - Production Workshop

This course reinforces the students' skills learned in their Arts & Imaging Studies technical courses. Students are introduced to procedures that are used in an actual graphic communications production environment, including the cost of doing business, estimating procedures, and production and quality control requirements. This course enables the student to develop and apply individual and team-building problem-solving skills as they are guided through integrated activities from creation to final product in both print and non-print media production workflows. Students work in a simulated design and production environment where they can develop their technical skills, work habits, and customer relations. (This course is restricted to 2nd year students in the ARTIMG-AAS or ARTIMG-AOS program.) Lecture/Lab 5, Credits 3 (Fall, Spring)

NAIS-292 - Portfolio Workshop

This course will give students from all areas of study in the Arts and Imaging Studies Department an opportunity to prepare and submit portfolios of their work for final review by a jury composed of department faculty members and professionals. The course will emphasize professional procedures, work habits, and demonstration of creative and technical skills, depending on the students' areas of expertise, as well as appropriate communication with clients, presentation techniques, and ability to work as a fully contributing member of a team. (Academic Level 2, Degree Seeking students.) Lecture/Lab 5, Credits 3 (Fall, Spring)

NAIS-299 - Co-op Visual Communications Studies

This course provides a ten-week (350 hours) work experience in the field. (Enrollment in this course requires permission from the department offering the course.) Co-op, Credits 0 (Fall, Spring, Summer)