3d graphic of a mastodon-like creature pulling a primitive version of a 'food truck'The 3D graphics technology (3DGT) program offers you an associate in applied science degree that introduces concepts related to three-dimensional (3D) graphics and teaches you the creative and technical skills required to produce 3D graphics, 3D prints and environmental renderings that range from artistic to photorealistic in quality and 3D models used in multimedia and animation. A combination of traditional design skills and digital design techniques are taught, along with the representation of concepts of time, motion and lighting principles. This program prepares you for one of two options: entering the 3D graphics industry after graduation or continuing your studies in the 3D digital design BFA program offered by RIT's College of Art and Design.

The 3DGT program's curriculum prepares you for entry-level employment in the 3D graphics industry. The 3DGT program covers the artistic and technical sides of the industry, with a particular focus on the modeling, animation and visualization processes in 3D graphics. You acquire the creative and technological skills required to create 3D graphics, 3D printouts, environmental visualization graphics and 3D models used in multimedia and animation.

The program requires you to acquire skills in traditional media drawing and painting, as well as in animation, modeling and 3D printing. You also learn how to read and understand design plans and blueprints. You will acquire computer-based skills in 2D and 3D graphics software. Also you learn skills related to project management, communication and and team-based work. The Capstone course offered in the final semester of the program provides you with an opportunity to utilize your skills on an applied skill-focused project that you complete with advice and guidance of faculty from the 3D graphics technology program. The structure of the Capstone course is that of a self-directed, semester-long project that is completed either on an individual basis or as part of a team-based project.

You gain real work experience through one semester of required cooperative education employment. You also complete a required portfolio workshop course in which you refine and complete your portfolio as needed for application to the BFA program in 3D digital design in RIT's College of Art and Design, or for an employment search.

STEM and the 3DGT program

Education in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) careers is a major emphasis for students, parents and counselors as they consider which college programs match students' interests and aptitudes. Funding for STEM career preparation is often a driving factor for many students and parents. 

The 3D graphics technology program is a STEM career program because it draws its skills and expertise from two areas: the design and the engineering fields. 3D graphics are listed in the technology/computer science/engineering STEM disciplines.