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Students interested in a bachelor’s degree can study in any of approximately 20 bachelor's degree programs that are offered by RIT’s College of Imaging Arts and Sciences (CIAS). CIAS includes the School of Art, the School of Design, the School for American Crafts, the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences, the School of Film and Animation, and the School of Media Sciences. The classes include both hearing and deaf students, and have a notetaker and an interpreter (or alternate access service). For additional information go to the NTID Access & Support Services page. 

The NTID students enrolled in CIAS programs are supported by faculty and staff who are professionals in the fields of art, design, printing and photography. In addition, they are skilled in working with people who are deaf or hard of hearing. They provide many different kinds of services for students who are enrolled in the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences including academic advising, tutoring, interpreting, notetaking and personal counseling. 

The Visual Communications Studies department has several faculty and staff who work with students enrolled in CIAS programs and have developed a positive liaison with the CIAS faculty, staff and administration. These VCS faculty and staff also help prospective students apply to bachelor's degree programs by explaining requirements, assisting with the transfer process, and describing the experience of being in courses with hearing students and access services. NTID faculty working in the other colleges of RIT make up the first line of contact for deaf and hard-of-hearing students in bachelor's degree programs looking for information or advice.  Most of these VCS faculty and staff have their offices in Booth Hall, Suite 3441.

Look for the support faculty corresponding to your area of interest for further help.

 TitleExpertiseOfficeV/TTY and Email

Kathy Delorme

Staff Staff Assistant



Sidonie Roepke

Coordinator CIAS Support

Advising and Tutoring: School for American Crafts, Fine Arts Studio, Illustration, Medical Illustration



Heather Smith


Advising and Tutoring: Industrial Design and Interior Design


vp: 585-666-6813

Cathy Chou


Advising and Tutoring: Graphic Design, New Media Design, 3DDG, Visual Media



Bill Moore

Faculty Personal, Social Counseling



Eric Kunsman

Faculty Advising and Tutoring: School of Photographic Arts and Sciences; School of Media Sciences; Film and Animation; Motion Picture Science

7B-2244 Gannett


Ernie Roszkowski

Faculty Advising and Tutoring: Graphic Design

7B-2234     Gannett

vp: 585-351-2087