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Can I have a car on campus? What transportation is available on campus?

All students including freshmen are allowed to bring a car to campus. Public Safety requires all cars to be registered and have a permit affixed to them. There is enough space for all students to park on campus. You will need to register your car with Public Safety or you can go to the Public Safety office and fill out the form.

You don't need a car here at college because it's easy to get around campus and the Rochester area. Free shuttles travel campus daily to help students get from one end of the campus to another. There are also free shuttles that go from campus to area malls and stores on the weekends. There are two public transit buses that come to campus that students can use for a fee.

Do I have to go to SVP?

If you are accepted to the College of NTID, SVP is a mandatory orientation.

What services are available to me in the classroom?

If you take courses at NTID, faculty members will communicate directly with you using a variety of strategies, which may include sign language with voice, sign language without voice, spoken language (FM systems are available), fingerspelling, printed/visual aides, web-based instructional materials and individual tutoring.

In cases where a faculty member's communication strategies do not appropriately meet your needs, you can request access services from the Department of Access Services for courses at NTID via the webite.

If you qualify to take courses in the other colleges of RIT, you can choose from among sign language interpreting, FM systems, real-time captioning services or notetaking. Alternative services also may be requested.

RIT/NTID provides one of the most accessible education communities in the world for deaf and hard-of-hearing students.


NTID Spring Open Houses

NTID Spring Open Houses will highlight the associate-level, Associate+Bachelor's degree and Pre-Baccalaureate programs for our deaf and hard-of-hearing students. We also will have a program for hearing students interested in our ASL-English Interpretation program. The day will begin at 8:30 a.m. and will go until 5:00 p.m.

More information about these programs can be found here:

Friday, April 19, 2019 (Good Friday)       Register Now
Friday, April 26, 2019 (Imagine RIT is Saturday, April 27) Register Now

Open House Video and Photos

Here are videos from several of RIT/NTID’s Open Houses. Want to see more? Check out this page for photos with RITchie!

Bachelor-level Admits Only – Accepted Student Open House

This specific Open House event is for students admitted into bachelor's degree programs for Fall 2019. This is an opportunity to learn more about your program of acceptance. You also will meet faculty, learn about financial aid, go on a campus tour and see the residence halls.

 Choose a date from the list below to register:

Spring Preview Day – High School Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen

Friday, April 12, 2019

This event is specifically geared towards high school students who are beginning their college search process. During our Spring Preview Day, visitors are able to meet faculty, tour campus, residence halls and learn more about the admissions and financial aid process.

Registration will be available in February 2019.

Fall Open Houses

RIT/NTID invites deaf and hard-of-hearing students to spend a day at RIT. This event also is open to hearing students interested in ASL-English Interpretation. Open House is an exciting experience: an opportunity to meet representatives from admissions, financial aid and faculty from academic departments. You will have an opportunity to view our residence halls and take a guided campus tour with a current student. After your visit, we will waive your $65 application fee. Choose a date from the list below to register now.

Saturday, September 29, 2018            
Monday, October 8, 2018 (Columbus Day)
Saturday, November 10, 2018 (includes RIT Hockey Night)
Friday, December 7, 2018